6 Key Website Principles to boost your site

As you’re reading this article, there is a good chance you have a website that is not giving you the conversion love you deserve. It is probably getting much less attention and conversions then your competitor’s website as well.

When designing a ton of high converting websites for our clients, that easily outperformed their competitor’s website, we found out that if you follow certain guidelines and principles, you will boost your website and make it go from zero to hero.

In fact, did you know that your average visitor makes up his mind about you and your website in just 50 milliseconds?

That matter will probably shock you, and it should!

That is certainly not a lot of time.

Bottom line, it is just one click, and you should make sure your visitors already like your website when they make their first click.

If you take a deeper look at all the best websites in your niche, you will find out, that every well-designed website grabs your attention instantly with a valuable offer, more importantly, you will more likely save this website and visit it again and again.

In a nutshell, there are certain elements that define a good website and lucky for you, novage web design services just published an infographic that will guide you through the process on how you can remarkably boost your website, by following just 6 simple principles.


1st – Design

– Make sure your design displays your brand, credibility and has an easy to follow layout with attention-grabbing visuals that are consistent through your website.

2nd – Structure and Navigation

– Don’t let your visitors do any work. Your structure and navigation should be clear from the start with a clear call to action.

3rd – Content

–  Your content should be rich in information and not sloppy.

Make sure you only publish fresh and relevant content, that follows a clear structure.

4th – Functionality and User Experience

– Keep it user-friendly and don’t let your visitors waste time.

5th – Speed

– Make sure your site is fast and responsive. If it takes a long time to load, search engines might not rank you high and your visitors will quickly click away to other sites.

6th – Mobility

– You should also consider making it as responsive and mobile friendly as possible since more and more people surf the web from an iPhone or Smartphone.


There is more to a great website than just simple graphic design and development. Make sure you follow these basic principles or contact a professional design agency that will transform your website from average to great.