Best Place to Visit during Your travel to Medan, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that offers various tourist destinations for your dream vacation. Bali and Lombok are some of the popular example. If you want to visit less popular place, you can try to travel to Medan, Indonesia. Tourism in this city is still considered new compared to Bali or Lombok. But it doesn’t means this city is less attractive than the other. The following paragraph will give suggestion to some of the recommended tourist attraction

There are many places you can visit when you have a trip to Medan. Some of the recommended tourist destinations are listed below:

  • Dining at Bukit Lawang: this area offers various cozy guest houses and restaurants lining beside a river. One of the recommended place is Sam Bungalow. Located next to the river and lush forest, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a resort-style restaurant. The foods are actually quite decent. However, the tastes are somehow enhanced thanks to the beautiful scenery and calm ambience it offers. You can even swim on the river with locals while waiting for your food to arrive.
  • Enjoying durian at local market: Medan is popular for its infamous durian. With only 3 dollars at cost, you can get 2 whole durian. These durians sold at local market can be considered the best durian you will ever taste in your life. The taste is lighter compared to Thai or Malaysian durians. The color is lighter, almost white, and it is also less acidic, which is a good news for those who cannot handle the extreme acidic taste of durian. It tastes like a durian-flavored cream, which means it’s milder than durians from other places.
  • Exploring Rahmat Gallery: this art gallery can be considered as one among Medan’s quirkiest attractions. It is surely a great place to visit for those who look for a unique trip. This gallery becomes a remarkable place to visit thanks to its various preserved animals, which is also a good feature for educational trip, especially if you want to learn about taxidermy. You can also learn about the wide variety of original species in Indonesia that you cannot find it anywhere. After a trip to this gallery, you will sure be more knowledgeable about Indonesia.
  • Enjoying Medan’s nightlife in Cafe Raya: there aren’t a lot of cafe in Medan that sell alcoholic beverages due to the majority of Muslim living in the city. However, if you feel like grabbing some beers to relieve your stress, Cafe Raya is the right place to go. This cafe is situated in the middle of the town and it serves various international cuisine and several simple Indonesian friend rice and noodles. This place is very popular among tourists, both domestic and international due to its location, which is near guesthouse and hotels.

The list above already describe several recommended places in Medan you can visit during your vacation. There are still many more places to visit. However, if you only have limited time, these places should be enough to represent the experiences offered by Medan.

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